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Built for cash-based, direct primary care (DPC) and functional medicine practices, Cerbo has the tools and flexibility you need to help your practice thrive and grow. Practitioners often come to us when they are getting ready to launch a practice or when their existing EHR solution has reached its limitations and they need more powerful functionality.
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Powerful charting & "Chart Parts"

Charting in Cerbo is flexible and efficient, enabling quick addition of notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, lab orders, supplements, IVs, and custom recommendations like dietary or movement advice. Cerbo's unique Chart Parts templating system allows for rapid customization of chart entries, including text, diagnoses, lab orders, treatment plans, charges, and handouts, all streamlined into one cohesive workflow.
Auto-complete words or phrases in your note
Add a text outline or block of narrative text to encounter text area – which can insert static text, as well as context-specific information from the patient’s chart
Lab panels
Differential dx info to edit in the particular case to reflect the chosen diagnosis and applicable treatment plan
Groups of diagnoses, plan items (rxs, orders, supplements, etc.), and charges

An intuitive experience

Cerbo’s all-in-one-screen layout means that you can still view – and work in – the rest of the patient’s chart while in the encounter note view. No need to tab between screens. While some parts of the record appear minimized to save space, they remain easily accessible. And you can set your own default encounter note view per user, so that you will always see what’s most important to you at a glance.
Dynamic searches and automatically created preferred short lists make it easy to find and add information
Frequent auto-saving – once per minute – protects against loss of work
Set default encounter views per user, so that you will always see what’s most important to you at a glance
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Treatment plans

Cerbo offers a wide range of prescribable items, including medications, lab and radiology orders, and supplements. Users can add custom supplements, track inventory, sync with Shopify, and integrate with third-party services. For integrative and functional medicine, Cerbo supports custom protocols for IV therapies and other treatments, with easy sharing via the Patient Portal and a Wellness Plan tracker for comprehensive plans.
Cerbo also supports fillable template forms, including physical exams and a functional review of systems. Specialty forms for various procedures and custom forms are available. To use a template, type a Chart Part name, select from matching results, and insert the text. Diagnoses, plan items, and charges appear as suggested actions to accept or dismiss quickly.

Integrations with labs, pharmacies, and specialists

Cerbo seamlessly communicates with labs, pharmacies, and outside providers via integrated incoming and outgoing fax, HL7 lab integrations, and e-prescribing.
Cerbo integrates with more than 40 standard and functional laboratories, and we're always adding more! Incoming electronic lab results show highlighted abnormal, high, low, and critical results, plus normal ranges, on a document that can be easily assigned internally for review and shared with the patient. And electronic data is parsed and stored so you can easily track test results over time.
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Staying connected

You can use Cerbo to easily manage contact information for your local labs, radiologists, and outside specialists and designate patients’ preferred facilities and specialists. Send requisitions, referrals, and other paperless information via integrated efax or (for lab requisitions to integrated labs) via the electronic ordering interface.
The full, nationwide pharmacy database comes standard, and we pre-populate your pharmacy short-list with your local options. Patients can view and edit the preferred pharmacies via the Patient Portal, so you always have the most up-to-date information.
Send your prescriptions to the pharmacy via eRx (including compounded and controlled substances eRx) or efax.

Integrated faxes

Cerbo includes integrated outgoing and, optionally, incoming fax. With integrated incoming fax, we give you a fax number in your area code or can help port your existing number.
Incoming faxes are turned into PDFs and added into the system’s incoming fax queue for review. With a few clicks, you can rotate or remove pages, print, file in a patient’s record or the practice’s document library, or even use our fax markup tool to mark on, make notes, remove or reorder pages, and sign before returning via outgoing fax. Outgoing faxes are easily created and sent directly from the EHR using editable built-in forms.
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Supplement management

Using Cerbo's comprehensive supplements database or your own custom list, prescribing and managing supplements, including renewals and inventory, is streamlined within Cerbo. Supplements are fully integrated into the EHR, appearing in both the Patient Dashboard and Portal, where you can utilize a generic database, add your custom supplements, or import from online dispensaries like Fullscript. The system allows for the saving of detailed dosing instructions and grouping supplements into protocols for easier prescription management, with the option to highlight supplements on the Patient Dashboard for better visibility.
For practices involved in selling supplements, Cerbo offers robust inventory management capabilities that integrate with Shopify for streamlined online sales. Additionally, Cerbo's compatibility with platforms like Fullscript, Wholescripts, Wellevate, and NutrimentRx simplifies the outsourcing of supplement ordering and fulfillment, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of supplement management for practitioners and improving service delivery to patients.

Prescription management

Managing prescriptions in Cerbo is streamlined with features like easy renewals, viewing medication history, and support for e-faxing and e-Rx, including custom compounded prescriptions. The system enhances efficiency with a smart-search medication shortlist that adapts as you prescribe, along with customizable dosing profiles. It automatically prioritizes frequently used medications and allows you to save dosing details as either default or optional profiles.
You can call in or electronically send prescriptions to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, with the system checking against patient allergies and discontinued medications to reduce adverse reactions. Prescription renewals are straightforward via the Patient Portal, allowing for quick electronic processing and increased safety and convenience.
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Patient portal integration

The Patient Portal is a great tool for making sure that the patient can always see a current medication list, along with any special instructions, and easily request refills. Plus, the patient can update their own preferred pharmacies list, so that you can be confident that you have the most current information.
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Compounded medications & medication lists

Your compounded medications, bio-identical hormones, etc. can be added and prescribed via Cerbo. Plus, the patient’s preferred pharmacies – including compounding pharmacies – can be specified ahead of time, making sending in your compounded prescriptions via e-fax a breeze.
A patient’s medication summary appears prominently on the patient dashboard, remaining easily accessible even when you have an encounter note open. A more detailed view can always easily be displayed as an expanded block or in a new tab or window.
In a few clicks, quickly add the patient’s medication history to an encounter note using chart parts, or create a faxable, printable medications list.
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