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Cerbo means "brain" in Esperanto. It's a symbol of how an EHR is the nerve center of your clinic: the organizational, processing, and data storage hub.

Functional & Integrative Medicine

For clinics offering holistic, patient-centered care, combining traditional medical practices with alternative therapies to promote overall wellness.
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Direct Primary Care

Clinics offering comprehensive primary care services with an emphasis on accessibility, personalized attention, and preventative care.
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Specializing in intravenous therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to optimize health, improve energy levels, and address hormone imbalances.
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Med Spa & Aesthetics

Practices who specialize in medical treatments & cosmetic procedures such as skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, & non-surgical enhancements.
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Cash-Based Practices

For those offering healthcare services directly to patients without insurance involvement, focusing on transparent pricing & personalized care.
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reduction in patient admin time
reduction in ordering prescriptions & supplements
reduction in patient inquiries

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"I started a direct primary care practice before most people had ever heard of those types of clinics. I came from the hospital world and had used multiple EHRs. I knew how important it was to have ePrescribe functionality, a patient portal, fax line, the ability for patients to add their credit cards, patient charts, integrated billing and telemedicine features. Cerbo has it all."
Dr. Andrea Wadley
127 Pediatrics
“The implementation process was great. The team did an awesome job getting me set up with Cerbo. The support team is always very responsive and helpful. I also love the integration with Rupa and Precision Analytical. It has saved me a lot of time. The e-scribing is a great feature. In addition, the integration with supplements and medications is very helpful."
Michelle Hinton APRN-FPA
Hinton Optimal Wellness
“Cerbo allowed me to open my clinic and begin using the product right away to better manage my practice. There has not been a time I have wished I had picked a different EHR. I tell my colleagues to look at Cerbo because the product works great and they have excellent customer service. I have been very happy with Cerbo."
Dr. Shauna Guthrie, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Sunflower DPC
"I have really enjoyed using Cerbo, particularly the Chart Parts. It is so easy to write notes, leverage the patient portal and the ease of integration with other products I use. I highly recommend Cerbo."
Dr. Jamie Kyei-Frimpong DNP, FNP-BC, IFMCP
Monarch Way
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